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Adefovir is adenine nucleoside analogue. Preparation was the first drug of the class called reverse transcriptase inhibitors. Nucleotide analogs act on one of the virus enzymes, reverse transcriptase, similar nucleoside analogs (AZT, 3TC et al.), which are necessary, however, to undergo a series of complex chemical transformations within cells to acquire the ability to act on the HIV virus. Remedy is also required much simpler chemical treatment, as it already has a phosphate group, which is absent in the majority of nucleoside analogs and gained by them in the body of the patient. Medication blocks reverse transcriptase, an enzyme that plays a crucial role in the reproduction of B hepatitis virus in the body. Sick people can order in online drugstore Adefovir 10mg 90 pills now. The drug is approved for chronic hepatitis adefovir pillsB treating in adults with signs of an active viral replication and other signs of a sustained increase in serum aminotransferases (primarily alanine aminotransferase) or the presence of histological disease. Preparation main advantage consists in the fact that the virus developing resistance to the medicine requires much more time. This product’s dosage of 10 mg / day is recommended to use for at least one year. Medicament is well tolerated, but higher doses (30 mg / day) can cause deterioration of renal function. Remedy is not effective in the treatment of HIV. The main side effects are nausea, diarrhea, disorders of the liver and kidneys. If you are necessary to order this remedy quickly you can buy Adefovir online in around-the-clock drug-store’s service.

Generic name: Adefovir
Brand name: Hepsera

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