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Astelin belongs to the anti allergic preparations for the local application in the ENT- practice. The medication renders anti allergic and membrane stabilizing action. The preparation also brings down permeability of the capillaries and exudation, stabilizes the membrane of fatty cells and prevents the release from them the biologically active substances (including histamines, serotonins, leukotrienes, factor activating the platelets) calling the bronchospasm and promoting the development of early and late stage of allergic reactions and inflammations. The most widespread form of these medicines is Astelin 5 sprays. astelin spraysUnder the local applying the system action is insignificant. Under the intranasal introduction the medicant reduces itching and stuffiness in nose, sneezing and rhinorrhea. The symptoms weakening of allergic rhinitis put in an appearance beginning from the fifteen minutes after remedy’s applying and it is in progress till twelve hours and more. Under prolonged application in high dosages it isn’t observed clinically meaningful influence of this preparation by the interval QT. You have to buy Astelin online in our Internet-pharmacy right now.

Generic name: Astelin
Brand name: Azelastine, Allergodil, Pinalin

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