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Atrovent aerosol is a broncholytic preparation and it is a blocker of M-cholinergic receptors. The remedy blocks M-cholinergic receptors of bronchial tubes’ smooth musculature (advantageously in compliance with large and middle bronchi) and trample a quantity of responsive bronchoconstriction. The medicament has a structural likeness with acetylcholine’s molecule and it is its competitive antagonist. The medication warns against bronchismus appeared in result of inhalation of the cigarette smoke, cold air, different preparations’ action and the remedy also eliminates the bronchi spasm calling with influence of wandering nerve. Astelin 20 mcg 3 bottles are the package for whole therapeutic course. atrovent bottlesUnder the inhalation applying the medication practically doesn’t render the absorption action (for the development of tachycardia it is necessary the aspiration of five hundred dosages, but only 10% of this remedy reaches the little bronchi and alveoles and last part of the aerosol settles in the pharynx, or oral cavity and it is swallowed). Our internet chemist’s suggests you to order and buy Atrovent online in any time.

Generic name: Atrovent
Brand name: Ipratropium bromide

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