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Azulfidine refers to the class of medicamental agents with expressed anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action. The main active component is Sulfasalazine. The less part of this medication is absorbed form the clear space of large bowel and after that it is evenly distributed in limit of connecting tissues. The normal intestinal microflora positively influences on this preparation. The main matter mainly has general anti-inflammatory action for account of the best absorption (till 30% of applying dosage). The main part of this substance is subjected to the enterohepatic recirculation; as a result the part of this substance enters in bowels with bile again. This component is accumulated mainly in peritoneal and connecting tissues, synovial and pleural liquids. azulfidine pillsThe patients often order and purchase the medication Azulfidine 500mg 120 pills as the most popular realizing forms. The indications for taking are preventive therapy for the prevention of proctitis sharpening and nonspecific ulcerous colitis, nonspecific ulcerous proctitis, regional enteritis, nonspecific ulcerous colitis, distal ileitis rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn's sickness and many others. Among contraindications there are heightened sensitiveness to the components of this medical remedy and other salicylates and sulfanilamides, heavy illnesses of liver and also kidneys, child’s age till two years old and so on. Different patients generally buy Azulfidine online after visiting of their physicians and taking a qualified consultation.

Generic name: Sulfasalazine
Brand name: Azulfidine, Saaz, Salazopyrin

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