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Effect of nicotine on the body

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Effect of nicotine on the body

Benefits of quitting smoking

If there is no desire of smoking cessation or a lack of will power will be useful to examine information collected by scientists from research and observations:

  • Narrowing of blood vessels in smoking leads to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, which is why the flow of blood to the organs is reduced and the production of sex hormones deteriorating. Stop smoking helps to restore normal blood circulation, which has a positive effect on erectile function in men and cause a slight anxiety in women. Become more intense and the feeling in sex.
  • People who have a healthy lifestyle are much easier become parents, because men have more sperm mobility. Smoking women suffer obstruction of the fallopian tubes. The probability of fertilization with each new tightening tends to zero.
  • Nonsmoker people look younger and more toned, because their skin is getting the right amount of nutrients and is more resistant to adverse external factors and stress.
  • Abandoning addiction, you can save a lot of money on the treatment of teeth, which when smoked yellow, halitosis disappears.
  • Reduce the risk of respiratory disease, breathing becomes easy and free, dyspnea will not bother.
  • Nicotine adversely affects not only the individual organs, but also completely on the entire body. Disappointing statistics and smoking facts show an increased number of cancer and cardiovascular disease among smokers.
  • Nonsmokers are much less prone to stress.

What happens when you quit smoking – possible complications?

The way from the cigarette addiction to recovery will not be easy, and all because of free nicotine withdrawal symptoms and the discomfort (what happens when you quit smoking):

  • headache;
  • hacking cough and expectoration;
  • sweating;
  • a sore throat;
  • stomach upset.

The smokingmood may change several times a day, you will be irritable, turning into a depression. And all this is against the background of a strong desire to smoke. The most common negative effects of smoking are increase the weight, but it can neutralize dieting. With the first difficulty smoker "meets" in the first few hours after a failure. During the week, they are growing, but after only 2 weeks (they are critical) they disappear. Release from smoking at first completely does not disappear, but after a month will not prevent live a free life.

Best way to quit smoking

Nicotine addiction treatment takes place in two stages. The first phase is characterized by a nicotine substitute therapy, creates a constant concentration of nicotine in the blood, but without a cigarette. Then, there is a reduction in the dose of nicotine to its complete abolition. Treatment usually takes 3 to 6 months, but each case - is especially individual. The first stage of nicotine addiction is usually the easiest to treat. Psychotherapy is prescribed complete with nicotine replacement pharmacology. There is nicotine patch, nicotine gum (Nicorette Gum), nicotine sprays and inhalers. All these drugs are designed to reduce or eliminate nicotine withdrawal symptoms at all. For the remaining stages of the complex of nicotine dependence people recommend taking medication and psychotherapy. Now the choice is presented to the mass of the stop smoking aids that have been tested, which has long proven effectiveness, but it is worth remembering that these drugs are not magic, there is nothing to force quit smoking just so. And the main thing in treatment - is a conscious desire to stop smoking, active cooperation and implementation of all the recommendations of the person who wants to get rid of nicotine addiction forever. As any addiction, the habit of smoking is treated very seriously. People should be advised individually differentiated and therefore effective therapy including stop smoking preparations pills that help to rid of addiction (Zyban, Chantix and many others), antidepressant (Wellbutrin). Some vitamins and herbal preparations (Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Calcium, Ashwagandha, Ginseng, Triphala, Smoke-OX, so on) can be helpful quitting smoking.

What diseases are caused by smoking and how much it is dangerous to health?

Smoking smokingcigarettes is the cause of many diseases, due to the fact that a person's immune system is weakened under the influence of nicotine and other harmful substances found in cigarettes. People exposed to this harmful habit are at risk of dangerous diseases. First of all we are talking about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), with blocked air flow, which causes difficulty in breathing. This can lead to chronic bronchitis or bronchial emphysema, each of these has its disease symptoms. According to the statistics smoking leads for lung cancer in 90% of cases. It is necessary to mention the cardiovascular diseases, heart and blood vessels suffer, namely the veins and arteries. The fact is that nicotine enhances the deposition of cholesterol and its arteries, which become rigid, narrow, or completely blocked. In vessels there clots appears which can cause heart diseases such as coronary heart disease, coronary thrombosis or thrombosis of cerebral blood vessels and even stroke. Smoking can cause erectile dysfunction and lead to infertility, and significantly increased blood pressure (hypertension), skin becomes older, due to a sharp decline in vitamin A in the body of the smoker. Therewith smoking increases the risk to the occurrence of pathological changes in the retina, what's more old age can lead to blindness. Asthma is a complex and poorly understood disease. Patients with asthma are very sensitive to inflammation and irritation, which are caused by smoking. The airways of asthmatics react strongly to tobacco smoke. It appears by excessively rapid reduction of the respiratory muscles, which leads to disturbances in the breathing process. Statistics show that many people with tuberculosis are smokers. The problem of tuberculosis in the territory of many countries, it should be noted, is underestimated; the extent of the spread of this serious illness has epidemiological character. Smokers can have insomnia, dark enamel of teeth, yellow fingernails, unpleasant smell from the mouth.