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Cipcal is a complex Medicamental preparation which supplies the shortage of calcium in organism and for account of activation of different processes in man’s organism it regulates the calcic exchange. This drug consists of two main ingredients - Vitamin D3 and Calcium. Under the deficit of these substances in organism it is developed such sicknesses as rachitis and osteoporosis, which are the most exposed to children in period of growth and female persons in period of menopause that is interpreted by hormonal changes in patient’s organism. The mechanism if this medicant’s action and some therapeutic effects are based on the pharmacological properties of the active components containing to the structure of this remedy. Calcium is an officinal agent supplied the calcium deficit in organism. The calcium ions play the main role in various processes including taking part in several impulses conducting cipcal  pillsby nervous structures; regulate the arterial pressure and blood coagulability. Besides the calcium ions take part in shortening of muscles’ different types including the heart muscle. Cipcal 500mg/250IU 120 pills are chiefly indicated as preventing measure and also in view of monotherapy or combines treatment of osteoporosis with different etiology and some complications by patients with this sickness. This medication is also taken for replacement of calcium and Colecalciferolum deficit by patients with heightening needs of calcium, including this preparation is prescribed or patients in period of restoration after some injuries and fractures, in term of menopause and post menopause, and also for women in period of gestation and lactation and some aged people. Buy Cipcal online without any prescriptions.

Generic name: Vitamin D3/Calcium
Brand name: Cipcal, Cimascal D, Citracal plus D, Citramar D, Combi-Cal, Complivit Calcium D3, D-Calsor, D-Vital, Densical D, Dical, Effcal (India), Effercal D3, Fortica (Thailand), Frubiase Calcium Forte, Incad, Kaplus-D, Kombi-Kalz, Levucal D, Metocal Vitamina D, Metocalcium, Miocalven D

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