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Buy Colcrys online without prescription

Colcrys relates to the anti podagral medicamental agents. The main active component is Colchicine. It is an alkaloid which is distinguished by some seed of plant form the melanting family (such as Colchiceae, Merendera and Gloriosа). The biosynthesis of this matter in plants happens similar like morph inane alkaloids. This substance maximally influences on the changing processes of urinary acid. It is mainly characterized by enough expressed analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect that is especially important under the gout’s attacks reduction. This medication is one of the most popular medicamental remedies generally taken for treating of gouty fits. This preparation also possesses by antifungal action and it fully or partially suppresses the cells dividing in stage of anaphase and metaphase, prevents the neutrophilic colcrys pillsdegranulation and development of amyloidosis (amyloid illness). Colcrys 0.5mg 120 pills are chiefly allocated for the medical cure of podagra (reduction, stopping and preventing of gouty attacks), podagrous arthritis, chondrocalcinosis, several inflammatory sicknesses in stomatology and otolaryngology; scleroderma and dermatosclerosis (this remedy is used sometimes even in additional medication to the main therapy with other drugs); some forms of phlebitis, amyloidosis, family Mediterranean fever and different others. This drug isn’t taken by pregnant female individuals, breast-feeding women, some patients with liver or kidneys’ insufficiency, individual hypersensitiveness to the main active ingredient or each other additional matter containing to its structure and so on. Patients usually buy Colcrys online without any prescriptions and other documents.

Generic name: Colchicine
Brand name: Colcrys, Colchicina

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