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Buy Cold Balm online without prescription

Cold Balm is herbal balm which has sedative properties, eases breathing, and reduces headaches and general malaise for colds, due to its evasive action. Soothing balm reduces the accumulation of mucus in the nose and chest. Camphor is a colorless or white crystal, crystalline granules. It acts as a carminative, reflex agent that stimulates expectoration, heart, circulation and respiration and is also used as a sedative in epilepsy, hysteria, chorea and convulsions and a libido enhancer. You can make ordering online of Cold Balm 10g 4 bottles. Oil extract has a specific smell and when is applied topically has a stimulating and distracting effect on the skin. The main component of the Japanese mint oil is menthol. Oil is applied topically in neuralgia coldbalm bottlesand as an antipyretic in fevers. Due to evasive action it helps with pain and also inflammation of muscles or joints. Myristica fragrant oil extract is used as a means that stimulates blood flow to the site of application. Nutmeg has expectorant, anthelmintic, stimulating libido properties applied in psychiatry as a sedative and is part of the bracing means and electuary recommended for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of bladder and urinary tract. Turpentine oil derived from pine softwood long, is valued in medicine as a local irritant in various rheumatic diseases, such as lumbago, arthritis, neuralgia and also is part of many analgesic ointments and lotions and topical medications for colds. Balm is 100% natural product that does not cause allergies and irritations. Sick patients have an opportunity to buy Cold Balm online.

Generic name: Cold Balm
Brand name: Cold Balm

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