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Darunavir covers to antiviral medicamental group, an HIV protease inhibitor type 1. This preparation is resistant to mutations that cause resistance to protease inhibitors. The medicament is rapidly absorbed from the gastroenteric tract. This officinal remedy is mostly intended to treat HIV infection in adult patients previously treated with anti-retroviral drugs (in the complex therapy). The medication is taken orally. These medicines should always be given in combination with Ritonavir in dosage of 100 mg as an agent that improves its pharmacokinetic properties, as well as in combination with other antiretroviral means. For adults, the recommended dose is 600 mg 2 times / day in combination with ritonavir 100 mg 2 times / day; combination taken with food. The type of food does not influence the absorption of darunavir pillstablets. You may order Darunavir 300mg 90 pills after consultation with the specialist. To apply with caution in people with impaired liver function, allergies to sulfonamides. The patients should be informed that modern antiretroviral drugs do not cure HIV infection or prevent the transmission of HIV. Patients should clarify the need to respect the proper precautions. In sick people with liver sicknesses, including chronic active hepatitis during combination antiretroviral therapy may increase the frequency of liver dysfunction, and therefore it is necessary to monitor the biochemical parameters in accordance with standard practice. In identifying signs of worsening liver function in these patients treatment with a combination of these preparations should suspend or cancel. Many individuals buy Darunavir online with helping of our informational medical portal.

Generic name: Darunavir
Brand name: Darunavir, Prezista

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