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Deltasone belongs to the hormonal remedies (glucocorticoid for the systemic and local applying). The medicament has a pharmacological action as glucocorticoid, anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, anti-shock and immunosuppressive. The preparation interacts with specific receptors in the cells cytoplasm and makes up the complex which penetrates into cell nucleus, tied together with desoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and calls the expression or depression of ribonucleic acid (RNA) changed the formation on the ribosomes of proteins voiced the cellular effects. deltasone pillsDeltasone 10mg 120 pills is often applied by physicians for all course of the treatment. These medicines are mostly used under the different diseases such as endocrinological sicknesses, heavy allergic ones, various rheumatic illnesses, dermatological ones, inflammatory diseases of articulations, some oncological and neurologic sicknesses and several illnesses of eyes and breathing organs. All our patients regularly apply our internet-pharmacy for ordering different medical agents and than buy Deltasone online and other preparations.

Generic name: Deltasone
Brand name: Prednisolone

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The preparation Deltasone is mostly applied under some diseases and conditions such as:

  • rheumatic fever, rheumatic carditis, chorea minor;
  • system sicknesses of connecting tissue (system lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, nodular periarteritis, dermatomyositis);
  • disseminated sclerosis;
  • sharp and chronic inflammatory illnesses of articulations;
  • bronchial asthma, asthmatic status;
  • lungs interstitial diseases (sharp alveolitis, pulmonary fibrosis, sarcoidosis of the II-III degree);
  • carcinoma of lungs;
  • berylliosis, aspiration pneumonia;
  • tuberculosis (lungs tuberculosis, tuberculous meningitis) – in combination with specific therapy;
  • primary and repeated insufficiency of adrenal glands;
  • adrenogenital syndrome;
  • subacute thyroiditis;
  • sharp and chronic allergic sicknesses (medicinal and food allergy, serum illness, pollen allergy, atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis with implication of large body surface, nettle rush, allergic rhinitis, Quincke's edema, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, toxicoderma);
  • hepatitis, hypoglycemic conditions;
  • nephrotic syndrome;
  • several inflammatory sicknesses of the gastrointestinal tract, blood, blood formation organs, skin and so on.
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The medicament is taken inward, you haven’t to chew and wash down with some quantity of liquid. The daily norm is collated individually. Under setting it is followed to take into account the circadian rhythm of HCS secretion. The major part of dose (approximately 2/3) or sometimes all dosage is used in the morning about 8 o’clock and 1/3 part is employed in the evening. The treatment is stopped slowly, gradually brought down the dosage. Under the sharp conditions and in view of substitutive therapy the beginning daily norm for adults is 20-30 mg. Supported daily dosage is 5-10 mg. Under the necessity you can apply from 15 till 100 mg every day. The first daily dose for children is 1-2 mg for every kilogram of the body weight. The dosage is distributed for 4-6 applications. Supported daily norm is 300-600 micrograms for one kilogram of the weight.

If you want cheap Deltasone without a prescription it is essential to know warning and nonoperating effects

The frequency and evidence of some side results depend on the treatment duration, preparation’s dosages and several other signs. The most widespread collateral effects are:

  • digestive system (growth of gastric juice acidity, nausea, retching, flatulence, digestion derangement, lowering or rising of appetite and others);
  • vasculocardiac system (arterial hypertonia, bradycardia, heart stopping, arrhythmia, changes in electrocardiogram, and many others);
  • blood removed system (rising of blood coagulability, thrombus formation, thromboembolism);
  • metabolism (negative nitrous balance, bulimia, body weight increasing);
  • water-electrolytic balance (reinforcement of potassium removal, hypokaliemia, myalgia, muscular spasm, unusual weakness and so on);
  • bones-muscular system (atrophy, muscular weakness, steroid myopathy, osteoporosis, pathological fractures of tubular bones and others);
  • dermatological reactions (skin thinning, hyper- and hypopigmentation, skin hyperaemia of face, allergic dermatitis, steroid acne, punctate hemorrhages, heightened disposition to sweating);
  • central nervous system (delirium, disorientation, euphoria, hallucinations, manic-depressive psychosis, depression, nervousness and so on);
  • endocrine system (dysmenorrheal, amenorrhea, hyperlipoproteinemia, hirsutism and many others);
  • immune system (heightened fatigability, lowering of resistibility to different infections, generalized or local allergic skin eruption, itching, anaphylactic shock and others).
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