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Galvus covers to the medicamental class of peroral hypoglycemic medications. The main active substance is Vildagliptin. This component is a representative of the class containing some stimulators of prostate gland’s insular apparatus which selectively inhibits the ferment of dipeptidase-4 (DPP-4). The quick and full inhibition of DPP-4 activity calls some heightening such basal as and stimulating (by food applying) secretion of glucagon-like peptide the first type and glucose-depended insulin tropic polypeptide from the bowels to the system blood flow during the whole day. Increasing the concentration of these ferments the medicament calls some heightening of prostate gland’s beta-cells intolerance that mainly brings to improving of insulin’s glucose depended secretion. Galvus 50mg 84 pills are chiefly purchased as the most widely-spread realizing form of these medicines. The applying indications include galvus pillsdiabetes mellitus of the II type such in view of monotherapy together with dietary therapy and different physical exercises as in combination with metphormine in view of beginning medicamental therapy under some inadequate effectiveness of dietotherapy or physical loading or in combination of two-component complex treating with metphormine, some derivatives of sulfonylurea or insulin in case of the insufficiency of dietary treatment, physical exercises and monotherapy by these medicamental agents and so on. Nowadays many sick people more and more often order and then buy Galvus online with help of our informational internet-drugstore.

Generic name: Vildagliptin
Brand name: Galvus, Galvus Met, Glibomet, Amaryl M, Janumet, Januvia

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