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Janumet presents itself a combination of two hypoglycemic preparations (substances) with mutually complementary (complementary) mechanism of their action which are intended for improving of glycemia controlling by sick persons with diabetes mellitus (the second type). These matters are Sitagliptin (the inhibitor of dipeptidase-4) and Metformin hydrochloride (the representative of biguanides’ class). The first substance is an active one under peroral applying. It is a selective inhibitor of DPP-4 which is chiefly taken for treating of pancreatic diabetes II type. The pharmacological effects of these inhibitors are mediated by activation of incretins. This component is differed from other antidiabetic medicaments (including insulin) janumet pillsby its chemical structure. The second matter is a hypoglycemic remedy which heightens the tolerance to glucose by sick persons with insular diabetes of the second type brought down the basal and post prandial plasmic level of glucose. Its pharmacological mechanisms of action are differed form action’s mechanisms of peroral hypoglycemic dugs from other medicamental classes. The most widely-distributed form of this medicant is Janumet 50mg/500mg 84 pills. These medicines are prescribed as addition to the diet and regime of physical load for improving of glycemia controlling by patients with pancreatic diabetes the second type which aren’t reached the adequate control on the background of monotherapy by Metformin or Sitagliptin or after unsuccessful combined treatment by two preparations and many others. People usually buy Janumet online with help of our informational chemist’s shop.

Generic name: Metformin / Sitagliptin
Brand name: Janumet, Velmetiya, Amaril-M, Galvusmet, Triprayd, Duotrol, Glibomet, Dianorm-M, Duglimaks

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