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Lidocaine covers to the medicamental group of preparations well-known as anesthetics for local applying. This medication is chiefly employed for conduction, infiltration and terminal anesthesia. The remedy renders a locally anesthetized and antiarrhythmic action. As an anesthetic this medicament operates thanks to suppressing of nervous conductivity for account of blockade the sodium channels in nervous fibers and terminations. Under the local using this drug broadens different vessels and it doesn’t render any locally irritated action. Lidocaine 30g 3 tubes are generally applied in lidocaine tubesstomatology for demounting of milk teeth, dental calculus, fixation of pivot tooth and conducting other manipulations needed the short-term anesthesia; in otolaryngology it is mainly taken for tonsillectomy, reduction of nasal polypuses and septum, anaesthetization the processes of maxillary sinus picking and washing out. In gynecology the remedy is used for sutures demounting, dissection of the female perineum under the delivery, implementation the surgical operations on the uterine neck and some others. In dermatology this medicant can be employed for anaesthetization of mucous membranes and skin under conducting of some insignificant surgical procedures. This preparation in ampoules is mostly applied for local anesthesia in stomatology, surgery, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, for blocking of nervous plexuses, peripheral nerves by different patients with some pains and various others. You can buy Lidocaine online with helping of our informational internet-service right now.

Generic name: Lidocaine
Brand name: Topicaine, LMX, Xylocaine, Emla

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