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Buy Lotensin online without prescription

Lotensin covers to ACE inhibitor's group. It is a prodrug which, upon hydrolysis in the body is converted into an active substance inhibiting ACE and disrupts the formation of angiotensin II. The main active ingredient is Benazepril. Thus, the vasoconstrictor action of II angiotensin and its stimulating effect on aldosterone production by adrenal glands is reduced. The medical remedy decreases peripheral vascular resistance and cardiac afterload. This medicament also reduces preload on the heart. Against the background of preparation there not observed reflex increase in heart rate in response to the reduction in total peripheral resistance. After a single dose hypotensive effect is usually observed after 1 hour, reaching a maximum after 2-4 hours and lasts up to twenty-four hours. Intensity hypotensive lotensin pillseffect does not depend on age, race, and baseline plasma renin activity. The main indications for Lotensin 10mg 360 pills application are hyperkalaemia, bilateral renal artery stenosis, condition after kidney transplantation, primary aldosteronism, hereditary angioedema, increased sensitivity to benasepril. The average daily dosage is 10-20mg; multiplicity of purposes 1-2 times / day. The contra indications include angioedema during therapy with ACE inhibitors in history, pregnancy, lactation (breastfeeding), hypersensitivity to benasepril and other ingredients. Many people do not take remedy if there is dry cough, pharyngitis, laryngitis, dizziness during the occupation of the vertical position, palpitations, chest pain, impairment of renal function and blood picture, nausea, allergic skin reactions, depression, sleep disturbances. After specialist’s indication every patient may buy Lotensin online in the best chemist’s shops all over the country.

Generic name: Benazepril
Brand name: Lotensin

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