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Nervz-G belongs to the combined medicamental agents mostly used for the treatment of different nervous painful conditions. The main active matters are Methylcobalamin and Gabapentin. These substances present theirselves a coferment forms of vitamin B12. These ingredients take part in some processes of transmethylation, synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids, changes of carbohydrates and lipids. The remedy renders an anabolic action (heightened the physical capacity for work) and regenerated influence under some mechanic and toxic lesions of nerve trunks. Under different sicknesses of peripheral nervous system this preparation diminishes the painful syndrome, promotes to the moving functions’ restoration and vegetative distributions’ decreasing. This medication favorably influences on the function of liver under the toxic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, pancreatitis and others rendered the hepatoprotected action. The remedy decreases the articulations lesions under the adjuvant-induced arthritis rendered the hematogenous action. Nervz-G 500mcg/300mg 90 pills are generally applied fir treating the illnesses of peripheral nervous system (in view of complex medical cure) such as neuralgia, polyneuropathy, radiculopathy and so on. The medicines also can be used under chronic hepatitis, hepatic cirrhosis, fat dystrophy of liver, chronic pancreatitis and it is employed under necessity of physical efficiency’s heightening (including this one in sport).

Generic name: Methylcobalamin, Gabapentin
Brand name: Nervz-G

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