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Pimozide relates to the medicamental class of anti psychotic medicines (or neuroleptics). This medication nonselectively blocks a dopamine in sections such pre- as postsynaptic neurons in the central nervous system. The antipsychotic action is manifested thanks to more specific blocking influence on the dopamine receptors. This medicant calls less expressed sedative, hypotensive and anti muscarinic effects then those ones by chlorpromazine, but the possibility of extrapyramidal symptoms development is higher. The prolonged action of this drug begins quickly and it reaches the maximum usually over two hours. Pimozide 2mg 90 pills are chiefly indicated for some suppressing of moving and vocal habit spasms under the Tourette's syndrome or tic distribution in case pimozide pillsof inefficiency or insufficiency of haloperidol (neuroleptic officinal preparation) for adults and children elder then twelve years old. These medicines are also allocated by different psychiatrists for the medical cure of psychosis, including schizophrenia and mania, paranoid conditions, some neurotic conditions with paranoid reasons (only for adult people) and several others. Among main contra indications there are arrhythmias in anamnesis or inherent syndrome of QT lengthened interval, condition of expressed suppressing of the central nervous system, moving or vocal tics, (not tied together with Tourette's syndrome), gestation, heightened intolerance to this drug and its components and so on. All patients often buy Pimozide online with helping of our informational portal.

Generic name: Pimozide
Brand name: Mozep, Orapб Pimozidum, Antalon, Pimotid, Pirium

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