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Potassium Citrate is means that fills a deficit of potassium in the body. Preparation contributes to the maintenance required intra- or extracellular potassium levels. Potassium is major intracellular ion and plays an important role in regulating of various body functions. It is involved in the maintenance of intracellular osmotic pressure, and in the course of transmission to the organs innervated by the nerve impulse in the reduction of skeletal muscle and in a number of biochemical processes. Remedy reduces the excitability and conductivity of infarction, in high doses - inhibits automatism. Medicine alkalizes urine. The effect of Potassium Citrate 540 mg 90 pills is that it binds calcium in urine, thereby preventing its crystallization and the formation of kidney stones, in addition, prevents excessive acidity of urine, alkalizing it. This prevents the formation of cystine stones and uric acid. potassium citrate pillsMedication is used for preventing calcium stone formation in patients with a small amount of citrate in the urine. In addition, medicament may be appointed to replace the potassium that is output when using thiazides, which is used to prevent stone formation. The acidity of urine can also be adjusted taking the conventional soda which is sodium bicarbonate. However, the potassium is characterized by fewer complications. Side effects associated with taking this product, as nausea and vomiting, can be prevented or reduced, adding to the drug water or taking the remedy with food. Today you may know how you will buy Potassium Citrate online.

Generic name: Potassium citrate
Brand name: Urocit-K

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