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Prozac is intended to cure depression especially accompanied by fear, including the ineffectiveness of other antidepressants, and bulimia nervosa. It has effect with obsessive-compulsive disorders, endogenous depression, improves mood, eliminates dysphoria, reduces tension, anxiety and fear. Anorectic action can cause body weight loss. Patients having diabetes can cause hypoglycemia, with the lifting of fluoxetine - hyperglycemia. Pronounced therapeutic effect in depression occurs after 1-4 weeks, for OCD - after 5 weeks. There is an evidence of remedy's effectiveness in eating disorders like anorexia nervosa, alcoholism, anxiety disorders, including social phobia, diabetic neuropathy, affective, including Bipolar disorder, dysthymia, autism, panic attacks, premenstrual syndrome, narcolepsy, catalepsy, kleptomania, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, etc. In the drugstore patients may buy prozac without prescription overnight delivery.

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You can order prozac in any dosage. Medicine is released in capsules 20mg, 10mg, 40mg, 60mg. For depression the dose 20 milligram is recommended to intake in the morning every day, and for the lack of effectiveness you may enlarge to 40 milligram by day. The maximal allowable daily amount is 80 milligram, for elderly patients 60 milligram in 2-3 reception. Patient with bulimia takes 60 mg and OCD 20-60 mg. The therapy course is defined depending on nosology, and condition's severity, the minimum rate is 3 or 4 weeks. People must follow all directions on prescription label very carefully and take medication as always prescribed. Do not change the quantity by yourself and also do not stop application without first discussing to the doctor. Continue to apply tablets if you feel good. When you miss the dosage, take the forgotten pill as soon as remember. Where can I buy prozac without prescription online USA? In pharmacy online there is the best service and delivery all day.

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Headache, fatigue, irritability, weakness, agitation, dizziness, anxiety, mania,  dry mouth,  indigestion, increased salivation, allergic reactions, weight loss, reduced libido,  increased sweating are called adverse effects. Intolerance of active ingredient, severe renal or also hepatic failure, inhibitors MAO, risk of suicide, during pregnancy, lactation are contraindications for Prozac’s application. You should use it with care if old age, have a deficiency of liver and / or kidneys, cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, diabetes mellitus, Parkinson's  syndrome, a sharp depletion, hepatic, renal insufficiency. Patients having suicidal tendencies are required careful monitoring especially at treatment's beginning. The highest suicide's risk is in people who previously treated with another antidepressant and in individuals who during therapy with remedy note excessive hypersomnia, fatigue, restlessness. In cure of persons with low body weight should be considered anorectic properties of Prozac. Interval between the cancellation of MAO inhibitors and fluoxetine beginning should exceed more than two weeks, but between the abolition about five weeks. Each person has an opportunity to order cheap Prozac without a prescription here on our site online.

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