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Tricor relates to the officinal class of lipid-lowering medicines. The main active ingredient is Fenofibrate. This medication mostly increases the ground clearance and reduces the content of atherogenic lipoproteins in patients with an increased risk of coronary heart illness. It significantly reduces the amount of extravascular cholesterol deposits, reduces levels of fibrinogen, and uric acid in the blood. The maximum concentration of fenofibrate in the blood is within 2-4 hours after a single application, with prolonged use the cumulative effect is absent. Many patients usually employ this medical preparation for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia and hyperlipidemia, including diabetes mellitus of both types to lack of efficacy of diet therapy, and increased physical activity. The main therapy with Tricor 200mg 360 pills should be carried out on the background of diet, long-term tricor pillscontinuous treatment. In humans with impaired renal or hepatic function dose is reduced. While taking the tablets there is sometimes possible occurrence of dyspeptic symptoms (nausea, weight and abdominal pain, vomiting, flatulence), violations of the liver, allergic reactions, photophobia. Occasionally there may be headache, muscle pain, myositis, inflammation of the pancreas, sexual dysfunction. This medicant does not apply to patients younger than eighteen years old, and during lactation period, with increased individual sensitivity to any components of the medication and many others. It is generally contra indicated for severe renal impairment and liver in sick persons with gallbladder sickness, congenital deficiency of glucose absorption, galactose, and lactase deficiency. Generally it can be easy and very popular today to buy Tricor online with helping of the best US chemist’s shops.

Generic name: Fenofibrate
Brand name: Lipofen, Tricor, Lipidil Micro

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