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Trivastal covers to the group of medicines well-known as antiparkinsonian drugs. The main active component is Piribedil. The mechanism of its action ties together with some stimulation of dopamine receptors mainly in nuclei of extrapyramidal system. This substance enlarges the blood supply of tissues and also stimulates the transmission of nervous impulses that promotes the cerebral metabolism’s improving. This medication renders a vasodilating action conditioned by some influence on the dopamine receptors which are disposed in smooth musculature of peripheral vessels. Patients often order and purchase the cheapest preparation Trivastal 50mg 90 pills. This medicamental agent is generally applied for the medical cure of some illnesses and negative conditions of the central nervous system including Parkinson’s trivastal pillssickness, (the drug is used such in monotherapy as together with levodopa), chronic distributions of cognitive function and sensorineural deficit ) including some disorders of memory and attention) under the old dementia (the remedy is taken in view of additional symptomatic therapy), intermittent claudication owing to some obliterating diseases of lower extremities’ arteries (the medicant is employed only in view of additional therapy), ishemic distributions of eye blood circulation and some others. Among contra indications there are acute cardiac infarction, sharp vascular insufficiency, heightened sensitiveness to the main active substance and so on. If you need to buy Trivastal online you can do it with help of our informational internet-service.

Generic name: Piribedil
Brand name: Trastal, Trivastal, Pronoran, Trivastan

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