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Urivoid covers to cholinergic drugs. Preparation affects mainly the bowel and bladder, stimulating their evacuation. Remedy therapy may improve bladder function in relation to the deposit, discharge and their regulation. Spasticity of detrusor and its involuntary contraction can usually be reduced or eliminated with medicaments providing antispastic or anticholinergic effect on the bladder. Arbitrary urinary retention often appears from patient’s desire to avoid pain during urination due to cystitis or urethritis. Frequent small urination can be observed in patients with urinary bladder overflow after childbirth or operations on the pelvic organs, but this condition in the absence of mechanical or inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract obstruction is not usually accompanied by any symptoms. Cystitis and urethritis are sometimes accompanied by dysuriaurivoid pills, hematuria, strong and frequent urging, suprapubic pain and discharge from the genital tract. Patient can study and find Urivoid 25mg 90 pills without problem for the lowest price. Medication can be prescribed for urinary retention and stimulation of intestinal peristalsis. It is also effective in the post-natal and post-operative urinary retention, non-obstructive. Medicine is used as a means of counteracting the m-anticholinergic effects of phenothiazines and tricyclic antidepressants (for example, bladder dysfunction). Possible side effects for drug intake are nausea, cramping abdominal muscles, vomiting. You need to consult a doctor before you are going to buy Urivoid online.

Generic name: Bethanechol
Brand name: Duvoid, Myotonachol, Urecholine, Frosst, Urocarb

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