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Buy Zolmist Spray online without prescription

Zolmist Spray belongs to selective serotonin receptor’s stimulants that have analgesic and vasoconstrictive action. Preparation has a pronounced effect for migraine with aura and also without aura, therefore severe headache which can be associated with menstruation. Remedy suspends the development of a migraine attack without a direct analgesic effect. In addition to pain relief attack, medicine reduces nausea, emesis (especially in the left-side attacks), photo- and phonophobia. The action begins in 15-20 minutes and reaches its maximum during 1 hour. The larger effect observed when applying at the height of attack. Medicament is highly effective in treating of migraine status (a series of several heavy, consecutive migraine attacks lasting 2-5 days). High doses have a sedative effect and cause drowsiness. Zolmist Spray 5 mg 4 bottles are easy to purchase by low cost online. Medication is usually taken at zolmist bottlesthe beginning of a migraine attack, but is effective also at delayed reception when the headache is continued 4 hours or more. The latter circumstance is very important from a practical point of view, as at the beginning of illness preparation cannot be found near. Side effects after a single dose of medication, according to the placebo-controlled trials were mild or moderate in intensity. Among the adverse effects there are most frequently observed weakness, heaviness, dry mouth, dizziness, somnolence, paresthesia, sensation of heat. To order and buy online Zolmist Spray is possible in web pharmacies.

Generic name: Zolmitriptan
Brand name: Zomig, Zomigon, Zomigoro

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