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Amikacin relates to the medicamental class of remedies well-known as aminoglycoside antibiotics. This semisynthetic antibiotic operates bactericidally. This medication prevents the complex formation of transporting and matrix RNA, blocks the proteins synthesis and also destroys the cytoplasmic membranes of bacteria. This medicament is highly active in relations to the aerobic gram-positive microorganisms including those which are steadfast to the penicillin and some cephalosporins. Some anaerobic microorganisms are also steadfast to this preparation. The drug doesn’t lose any activity under the action of ferments inactivating some other aminoglycosides and it can stay more active in relations to some strains which are steadfast to the netilmicin and gentamycin. Amikacin 250mg/2ml 5 bottles are the most widespread doses of this drug. This medicamental preparation is generally applied for treating of many infectious-inflammatory sicknesses such as bacterial septicemia, neonatal sepsis, different infections of the joints and bones, respiratory ways, central nervous system, skin, soft tissue and others; meningitis, various intra-abdominal infections, peritonitis, post operative infections, many complicated and recurrent infections of urinary tract and many others. You cannot take this remedy under the heightened sensitivity to this medication and other preparations from this medical class. Nowadays every person may buy Amikacin online through different internet-portals all over the country with twenty-four-hour delivery.

Generic name: Amikacin
Brand name: Selemycin, Amikozit, Amikin, Amikacine, Amicin, Biklin, Miacin, Likacin.