Antiviral medical agents are intended for the medical cure of different viral and bacterial sicknesses (influenza, herpes, HIV-contagions and others). They can be also used in various preventive measures. The patients apply these medicaments inward, parenterally or locally (in view of ointments, creams, tablets and drops) in dependent of their behaviour and persons’ illnesses. Nowadays it becomes comfortably, possibly and very easy to buy Antiviral medical agents online through different internet-services.

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You have to know how to apply Antiviral pills

Every purchaser can buy Antiviral pills online with no prescription in any time he/she wants. Antiviral or antibacterial medical agents are mostly taken under various types of viruses and bacteria including

  • viruses of herpes (some herpetic infections including herpes on mouth, genital herpes and herpes zoster);
  • human immunodeficiency virus or HIV-infections such HIV-1 as HIV-2 by adults (in combination with other antiretroviral medicaments);
  • treatment of HIV-infections by children with body weight not less the 14 kilograms;
  • diseases called by virus of man’s immunodeficiency (including after therapy by medication Zidovudine);
  • HIV-infection by adults earlier given other antiretroviral medicaments (in structure of complex therapy);
  • treatment of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) with expressed clinical appearances of infections under some inefficiency or intolerance of other medical agents;
  • some preventive measures of HIV-1 transmission from mother to child in period of pregnancy who don’t use any antiretroviral therapies during the delivery;
  • single peroral dose for child after his/her birth;
  • pointed condyloma (high quality neoplasms on the mucous membranes and skin);
  • heavy infections of lower respiratory ways called by respiratory syncytial virus by children;
  • other sicknesses called by bacterial and viral infections.

If patient doesn’t know where to buy antiviral pills online he addresses to one of our sale-managers for consultations.

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There are also some Biological Masks which are very effective under different viruses and bacteria including virus of influenza A (Anti Flu Face Mask), preventive measures of various contagions under the highest risk of some dangerous situations and environments (Anti-Bacterial Face Mask) and so on. You can visit your physician or some other specialists in this area for consulting before you begin some treatment with one of registered presented medical preparations. Every patient with one of viral or bacterial sickness can order and than purchase one or several Antiviral medicines online no prescription and with various types of payment.


Before ordering and buying each of Antiviral remedies online you get to read all side effects which can appear under the preparation’s applying in detailed instructions.