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7 Day Pharmacy - online medical portal suggests you to peruse with descriptions of some kinds of medical preparations. In our portal you can find the best proposition from the cheapest leading online pharmacies in the USA. The full catalogue of main medicines is found here. We don’t sell any medicaments. In our site there are the lowest prices of the best licensed online chemist’s shops in the USA and all over the world.
Order Soma online
$ 0.65
Soma Watson belongs to the medical remedies from the class of muscle relaxant with action’s central mechanism. The preparation activates the cross-striated muscles’ relaxation, adjusts their tonus showing the impact to central nervous system.
Order Tramadol online
$ 0.82
Tramadol HCl Hydrochloride is a strong pain killer possessed by the powerful analgesic activity and had quick and prolonged effect. It is applied against heavy forms of different pains including ache before and after operations, traumas, chronic and seasonal forms.
Order Xanax (Generic) online
Xanax (Generic)
$ 2.24
Xanax (Generic) belongs to the triazol-benzodiazepine preparations. The remedy renders the calming action. The medication decreases anxiety, the sense of alarm, fear and tension. It is marked the medicament’s anti depressed effect. This drugs also possess with central muscle relaxing and moderate soporific activity.
Order Wellbutrin SR online
Wellbutrin SR
$ 1.05
Wellbutrin is a medication (antidepressant) which is exploited for the medical cure of slumps, improvement of mood and prosperity’s sense. Under the treatment by this preparation the depressed episodes in future don’t repeat.
Order Celexa online
$ 0.50
Celexa is a medical preparation which can be covered to the powerful anti depressed agents. This medication is showed for the medical cure of various genesis’s depressions, different panic disturbances (including the presence of agoraphobia) and obsessive-compulsive damages.
Order Paxil & Paxil CR online
Paxil & Paxil CR
$ 0.87
Paxil refers to the strong antidepressants with powerful and instantaneous anti troubled effects. The preparation is employed under all views of slump including heavy form of depression and also all nervousness, anxieties, alarms, uneasiness and other damages which accompany the sickness.
Order Female Viagra online
Female Viagra
$ 0.72
Female Viagra covers to the non hormonal preparation for the women’s applying. The medication promotes to the female sexuality’s growth, apprehensibility intensification to the stimulation and so on. The drug for women doesn’t follow to allocate for the children.
Order Prozac online
$ 0.49
Prozac covers to the range of powerful and high-performance antidepressants. In main cases this drug is used under the slump’s various origins, alcoholism’s prevention and combined therapy, eating damages and other disorders of central nervous system.
Order Zanaflex online
$ 0.95
Zanaflex refers to the group of medical drugs with short-term operation. Another word it is a muscle relaxant with centric mechanism of action. The medication is mostly taken under the painful spasms of muscular system.
Order Zoloft online
$ 0.33
Zoloft refers to the category of antidepressants and it is also a specific powerful inhibitor of thrombotonin’s reverse seizure. It is mainly taken under the various etiology’s depressions (prevention and treatment), obsessive-compulsive disturbances, panic damages, posttraumatic stress disorders and social phobia.
Order Alesse online
$ 0.50
Alesse is a medication which can be referred to the category of contraceptive drugs. It is applied by the female persons for the pregnancy’s prevention.
Order Ortho TriCyclen online
Ortho TriCyclen
$ 24.20
Ortho TriCyclen refers to the contraceptive agents with combined base of three-phase effect for the inward application with gestagen and estrogen’s low content. This preparation is mostly employed under the prevention arrangements of gestation, renewal of menstrual cycle and improvement of female hormone background.
Order Viagra online
$ 0.79
Viagra covers to the medical agents which are intended for the cure of male erectile dysfunction. This preparation rehabilitates the normal reaction for the sexual arousal and restores the position of penis to norm.
Order Cialis online
$ 1.29
Cialis belongs to the preparations which are taken for the medical cure of an erectile malfunction. It isn’t applied by female individuals. It is also one of the most widespread preparations from the class of men’s health that that maximal increases the erection more than one day.
Order Clomid online
$ 0.75
Clomid belongs to the anti estrogenic medications. It unites the receptors of estrogens in the hypothalamus and ovary. The medicant assists the stimulation of ovulation by the female individuals with infertility in consideration of repeated hypofunction of ovaries chiefly stipulated by the hypothalamic-pituitary damages.
Order Cipro online
$ 0.45
Cipro covers to the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory preparations from the fluoroquinolones class. The medical drug is mostly employed under the infectious-inflammatory sickness of throat, ears, nose, respiratory tract, unitary-genital and digestive system. These tablets are also applied under the infectious diseases in gynecology.
Order Estradiol Valerate online
Estradiol Valerate
$ 0.95
Estradiol Valerate is a specific hormone of ovaries (estrogen). It is the preparation of substitutive hormonal therapy of estrogen insufficiency (diseases or pathological conditions which are based on the deficiency of the endogenous female sexual hormones’ making).
Order Patanol online
$ 21.65
Patanol belongs to the class of preparations for the treatment of eyes sicknesses. The form of realizing is eye drops. The medicament is generally applied under the allergic conjunctivitis. The remedy may be employed by the children elder than three year in adult’s dosages.
Order Panadol Extra online
Panadol Extra
$ 0.95
Panadol Extra belongs to nonnarcotic analgetics and anti-rheumatic medical remedies. It is a combination drug containing acetaminophen and caffeine. The medicine is intended to treat individuals with pain secondary to moderate intensity of different etiologies, including headache, migraine pain and migraine, muscle pain, neuralgia, arthralgia, rheumatic pain, algodismenorrhea.
Order Strattera online
$ 0.63
Strattera is a medication which belongs to the sympatholytic agents of central operations. Under the hyperactivity of attention deficit’s disturbances (ADHD) by the teenagers and adults  is taken this medical preparation.
Order Cephalexin online
$ 0.59
Cephalexin is a semi synthetic antibiotic of cephalosporins’ lines (the first generation). The preparation is applied under the sicknesses of respiratory tract, urino-genital system, ENT-organs, skin and support-motor apparatus calling by the apprehensible causative agents to the medicine.

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