Acular is eyes drops. The main indications for medicament’s applying are pain and sensation in eye of foreign body, burning pain, photophobia (as symptomatic treatment) and lacrimation after operation on cornea.


Alphagan covers to the eyes drops with wide spectrum of action. The medication is mostly applied under open-angle glaucoma, heightened ophthalmic pressure (such monotherapy as in combination with other preparations which can bring down an intraocular pressure).

Betagan Eye Drops

Betagan Eye Drops belongs to the beta-blockers. They are mostly taken separately or in combination with other officinal preparations for cure of high intraocular pressure developed in consequence of glaucoma or other eyes sicknesses (for example, ophthalmic hypertension). These drops shorten liquid quantity developed in eyes.


Combigan belongs to the combined medicinal agents which have two main substances in their structures. Indications for remedy’s using include open-angle glaucoma and intraocular hypertension (under insufficient effectiveness of beta-adrenoreceptors’ blockers with local application).


FML is an ophthalmological medical agent (remedy for eyes cure). This preparation is generally used such by adult as by children for the medical cure of eyes edema called by different infections, injuries, surgical intervention or other negative conditions.


Lumigan is chiefly applied in ophthalmology. These eyes drops are assigned by different ophthalmologists all over the world for the medical cure of hypotrichosis (insufficient growth) of ciliary hair or its excessive falling out.

Ophthacare Eye Drops

Ophthacare Eye Drops are the natural remedies from eyes tiredness. These drops help to take off the tension from eyes under working on computer, quickly adapt under the brightest light. They possess by disinfectant behavior. The drops are ideal variant for those people who carry contact lenses.


Xalatan is a medical preparation used for the medical cure of glaucoma (serious sickness of eyes). Glaucoma is a steadfast raising of intraocular pressure. The remedy is also taken for the treatment of glaucoma under heightened intraocular pressure and open-angle form of this illness.


Zaditor is an ophthalmic solution (antihistamine eyes drops). These drops are chiefly applied under different negative eyes’ conditions called by allergy such as itching eyes, burning eyes, reddening of eyes and different other allergic reactions.