• Q: What medications do you sell?

    A: Sorry, informational medicamental portal 7DAYPHARMACY.NET – doesn’t ship any ordering, and do not sell goods, 7DAYPHARMACY.NET work in order that the buyer could quickly and conveniently find the most favorable offer in the best international online pharmacies.

    All orders and delivery of the goods you have selected are carried out only by the online pharmacy that you select in our catalog.

  • Q: How does the online consultation work?

    A: You can get an online consultation with a specialist in the chemist’s online pharmacies which you select in our directory.. You need to find the cheapest price of the chosen medicament in presented Worldwide Pharmacies. Then it is followed surfing to the website of online drugstore and choose there the necessary form of consultation with a specialist such as: calling the phone number, writing the e-mail letter or communication write in the online chat, or make an order.

  • Q: What is your privacy policy?

    A: In our portal there is a category “Privacy Policy” (in the right top or click on the active link) where you can find all information about this question.

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  • Q: Do you ship internationally?

    A: Sorry, informational medicamental portal 7DAYPHARMACY.NET – doesn’t ship any ordering.

  • Q: How does the button “Visit store” work?

    A: First of all you need to choose the pharmacy who presents the cheapest price for necessary medication and all conditions of delivery and bonuses system. After you click the button “Visit store” you are surfing the online-pharmacy who sell these medicines.

  • Q: How does the button “Show Prices” work?

    A: If you click the button “Show Prices” you can see the whole information about the chosen preparation below such as packages and dosages, their prices and also some bonuses which are offered by this chemist’s shop. Then you can click the button “Visit store” and you are surfing the website online pharmacy where you can purchase the necessary medicamental preparations.

  • Q: Do I have to be at home when my order arrives?

    A: All information about this question you can find in the online pharmacies where you will do some ordering of the medicines and then buy them.