Mental health is a stimulation of intellectual development, participation in mental and cultural measures, search of new ideas and intellect’s development. Several disorders and damages of intellectual (or mental) health can bring to negative and irreversible consequences. There are different components which can lead to different problems with mental health including some stresses, brain’s overload, not getting enough sleep, some slumber disarrays, constant alcohol applying, using of narcotic drugs, smoking and so on. Nowadays it is very easy to buy mental health medicaments online without any prescriptions.

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Abilify belongs to the antipsychotic medical agents which are well-known as neuroplegics or antipsychotic drugs. They are mostly applied under schizophrenia, maniacal episodes under bipolar disorder and in quality of addition to the anti depressing therapy under the largest depressed disarray.


Amantadine covers to the anti parkinsonian medical preparations and dopaminergic drugs. The main indications are Parkinson's disease, paralysis agitans, parkinsonism of different etiology, neuralgia under the herpes zoster, prevention and treatment of influenza called by virus of flu A.


Aricept is a selective inhibitor of brain’s acetylcholinesterase. This is a medical preparation for the medical cure of Alzheimer's dementia (disease) and primary neuronal degeneration’s type of light and medium degree of gravity.


Artane is a medical agent for the treatment of Parkinson's disease or parkinsonism (idiopathic, postencephalitic, atherosclerotic, toxic and posttraumatic Parkinson's syndrome) and extrapyramidal manifestations as consequence of medical cure by some neuroleptics.


Clozapine covers to the psycholeptic agents or atypical neuroleptics. The remedy renders expressed antipsychotic and sedative action. It is used under the schizophrenia in case of effect’s absence from the treatment by classical neuroleptics or under their drugs intolerance.


Compazine is an active neuroleptic drug rendered braking action on the central nervous system and it doesn’t call the soporific effect in usual dosages. The remedy is taken under the different forms of schizophrenia, some psychotic diseases with crazy ideas or hallucinations and several others.


Depakote is used independently or in conference with other medicaments for the treatment of different convulsions under the epilepsy. The drug is also applied for the medical cure of maniacal and bipolar impairments and it helps to avoid some headaches and even migraine under these disorders.


Exelon is a selective inhibitor of brain’s choline esterase. The preparation is taken under faintly or moderately expressed dementia of primary neuronal degeneration’s type (possible Alzheimer's disease and cerebral atrophy).


Galantamine has different application’s indications such as myasthenia, progressive muscular dystrophy, motional and apprehensible damages under neuritis, polyneuritis, radiculitis and radiculoneuritis, psychogenic and spinal impotence, sharp poliomyelitis (period of reconstruction) and several others.


Geodon is chiefly applied for the medical cure of different psychic symptoms such as schizophrenia, maniacal disturbance, bipolar impairment, sharp psychosis with expressed hallucinatory symptomatology and so on.


Invega belongs to the biggest class of antipsychotic medical agents called as neuroleptics. This medical preparation is generally employed under the nervous sickness of schizophrenia including this disease in stage of sharpening. It is also taken for prevention of schizophrenia intensification.


Keppra covers to the anticonvulsive medicinal remedies. This drug is mostly used in combination of complex therapy of partial attacks with secondary generalization and without it, muscle twitches and primary generalized convulsive strokes by adults and teens elder than 12 years with idiopathic generalized epilepsy.


Lamictal refers to the anticonvulsive and antiepileptic medical drugs. These medicines are generally taken under epilepsy (partial and generalized attacks including tonoclonic spasms and also some attacks under Lennox-Gusto’s syndrome) in combination of combined therapy or monotherapy by adults and children elder than 12 years.


Loxitane belongs to the class of tricyclic antipsychotic remedies which are chemically differed from phenothiazines, butyrophenones and thioxanthenes. These capsules are mainly employed under schizophrenia and some attacks under this sickness.


Mellaril is the strongest neuroleptic. The remedy is chiefly applied under schizophrenia, maniacal-depressed psychosis, abstinent syndrome (toxicomania, alcoholism), moderate and the heaviest depression by adults, psychotic disorders accompanied by hyperreactivity and excitation and different others.


Mirapex is an anti parkinsonian medication which is a stimulator of dopaminergic transmission in central nervous system. The indication is symptomatic treatment of idiopathic Parkinson's disease (such monotherapy as in combination with other medicaments).


Mysoline refers to the antiepileptic medical preparations. It is generally applied under the epilepsy (large convulsive attacks, focal seizures, muscle twitches and akinetic episodes and also psychomotor epilepsy).


Namenda is a medical drug which renders anti parkinsonian, neuroprotective and anti spastic action. The remedy diminishes the intensity of depression symptoms and fatigability, improves the patient’s capability to attention concentration and mood and promotes motional disturbances’ correction.


Neurontin covers to the anti convulsive officinal agents. The remedy’s indications are the treatment of neuropathic pain by adults in age of 18 years and elder, monotherapy of partial convulsions and as additional remedy under the treatment of partial spasms with secondary generalization and without it.


Parlodel is an inhibitor of galactopoietic hormone’s secretion (anti parkinsonian preparation). The tablets are mainly taken under Parkinson's sickness, acromegalia, prolactinoma, hyperprolactinemia by male persons, disturbances of menstrual cycle and female barrenness.


Pimozide refers to the antipsychotic drugs (neuroleptics). The medication is used for oppression of motive and vocal tics under Tourette's syndrome in occurrence of haloperidol’s inefficiency or intolerance (by adults and children elder than twelve years old).


Risperdal refers to the neuroleptics (antipsychotic medical agents). It is generally employed for the medical cure of schizophrenia (including first appeared sharp psychosis, the sharpest attack of schizophrenia, chronic confusional insanity), some psychotic conditions with expressed productive or/and negative symptomatology and so on).


Selegiline covers to the medical preparations which are well-known as anti parkinsonian drugs. The medication is generally taken under Parkinson's illness, secondary parkinsonism and last one under sicknesses from other categories.


Sinemet has an anti parkinsonian and dopaminergic action. The preparation is very effective agent under Parkinson’s syndrome and sickness, bradykinesia, rigidity, stiffness, tremor, dysphagia, sialorrhea and orthostatic unsteadiness of man’s body.


Solian refers to the strongest neuroleptics or antipsychotic medical drugs. This preparation is chiefly taken under the sharpest and chronic schizophrenia which is accompanied by expressed productive or/and negative discomposures including the patients with predominance of negative symptomatology.


Tegretol is a representative agent of anti convulsive preparations. The tablets are applied under epilepsy, sharp maniacal conditions, bipolar affective disorders, syndrome of alcohol abstinence, idiopathic neuralgia of trigeminal nerve, diabetic neuropathy with painful syndrome and several others.


Trileptal is a medical agent which is mostly taken as anti convulsive remedy. The indications of its applying are simple and complicated epileptic attacks with secondary generalization or without it by adults and children in age from one month and some others.


Trivastal belongs to the anti parkinsonian medical agents. The main indications of this medication’s applying are Parkinson’s syndrome and illness, shaking (or trembling) palsy, paralysis agitans and some others.


Zyprexa is a very strong antipsychotic medical agent (well-known as neuroleptic). The remedy is taken for supported and prolonged anti relapsing therapy of schizophrenia’s all forms and conditions, several psychotic disorders with expressed negative or/and productive symptomatology and accompanied affective impairments.

Mental Health: In Our Own Words



You have to know how to apply mental health pills

Nowadays studying of intellectual activity abnormalities (mental backwardness, delay of psychical development) is one of the most intensively developed directions in child’s psychiatry and clinical genetics. Such adults as children may apply and thereby they buy mental health pills online with no prescription through our informational internet-pharmacy. You can actively use medical preparations from the category “mental health” if you have

  • mental backwardness;
  • several intellectual disarrays;
  • some problems with sleeping and falling asleep (tied together with intellectual disorders);
  • brain’s overloads;
  • hypoplasia;
  • damaged advance;
  • impaired development;
  • deficit advance;
  • corrupt development;
  • Barre’s disharmonic syndrome (or disharmonic level of development) and so on.

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Intellectual backwardness is a widespread sickness of children (and sometimes adults). It is a generic conception embraced quite heterogeneous phenomena from clinical viewpoint. Mental backwardness unites all these different conditions exposed in child’s age and some disturbances of adaptive conduct, tied together with insufficient development of cognitional abilities. The term “Intellectual backwardness” includes all clinical and pathogenetic variants of intellectual defect appeared in early age and not only those which are characterized by predominance of abstract-logical thinking disturbances and absence of defect progredience that is oligophrenia (mental deficiency). Enough frequently some intellectual abnormalities are met under the hereditary sicknesses of metabolism. Some inherited illnesses especially diseases of lipids accumulation can call the deepest mental degradation in connection with spacious disorder of cellular and subcellular organization. Every patient who wants to order and purchase one or several mental health medications online can do it no prescription.


Before ordering and buying (Brand and Generic) each of Mental health remedies online you get to read all side effects which can appear under the preparation’s applying in detailed instructions.