Sleep-insomnia is characterized by impossibility to fall asleep by night time. People suffering from insomnia, usually can not close eyes even for a few minutes, toss and turn, and do not find that same position in which they can sleep. A healthy person has a temporary insomnia which can be invoked by many factors: excessive nervous excitement overload (prolonged sitting at a computer at bedtime or solution to a complex problem), the action of neurotropic drugs, overeating, stuffiness, noise and other. Causes of sleep-insomnia define tactics and strategies to treat it. Chronic insomnia continues for several consecutive nights and is considered a serious disorder, because it disrupts the natural sleep period that is difficult to recover.

General classification features necessary for the diagnosis are complaints of poor falling asleep, sleep disturbances observed about thrice a week for a month, distress or also impairment in social and occupational functioning, caused by inadequate duration and also quality of sleep.

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Ambein (Zolpidem) refers to the soporific remedy from the group of imidazopiridines. The medicant is applied under the episodical, transient and chronic insomnia.


Dormicum belongs to the class of remedies benzodiazepines. The remedy is taken for drowsiness or sleepiness producing and also in view of help to get rid of anxieties some surgeries and some certain medical procedures.


Imovane is new high effective hypnotic. Statement is difficulty falling asleep, awakenings, early awakening, secondary sleep disorders in psychiatric disorders, situational or chronic insomnia.


Ambien Stilnox belongs to hypnotic medications from group imidazopyridine used in composition of many modern hypnotic preparations.

Sleep-insomnia what you need to know:


The last one’s treatment is a whole science and it is possible under the high-quality specialist’s participation only.


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You have to know how to apply sleep-insomnia pills and preparations

Diagnosis of insomnia must be based on an analysis of all information on history, clinical picture, must include an assessment of the individual chronobiological stereotype, to determine compliance with lifestyle. There are many various medications under treatment for sleep-insomnia, which each time becoming more efficient and effective. If a person suffers from insomnia over a long period of time (say, about a month), you need to consult a doctor for professional help to diagnose, determine the cause and appoint sleep-insomnia treatment.


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If you have a disease as chronic pain or emotional problems, stress or depression, medication or other proper treatment of these conditions will help to sleep better. In some cases, short course of hypnotic’s applying helps to restore the normal rhythm of sleep and also wakefulness. However, you should know that many sleeping pills have adverse effects included low blood pressure, agitation, anxiety, fears and nausea. These remedies can also lose the effectiveness after you get used to them, and after abandoning cause withdrawal symptoms.


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