Women’s health in big causes depends on how the female person refers to her body and health. Gynaecological or women’s diseases are called the sicknesses of generative female organs (uterus, ovaries and so on). It is very impotent for each woman to prevent the illnesses’ appearance and to reveal them in earlier stages. Eversons of their appearance. The first one can be different such as damages if right positions of some genital organs, their irregular development and so on. More female illnesses begin in consequence of infections’ hit to the organism. Other women’s sicknesses arise owing to endocrine disturbance (sometimes it may be hormonal disorders). Some diseases can arise owing to engrafting flow of pregnancy, dify woman has to know the main symptoms of several diseases and the reaficult birth and postnatal period. Female sicknesses appear more frequent on the favorable for them background, under the presence of conditions promoted to the illness’s development. Predisposing conditions to the female disease are woman’s overstrain, various stresses, supercooling, irregular nourishment, damages in other organs and organism’s systems, depressed female organism and so on. If you don’t know where to buy necessary women’s health pills online, welcome to our medical portal.

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Aygestin belongs to active progestin medicines for oral cure secondary amenorrhea (cessation of the normal menstrual cycles for period of more than 6 months), dysfunctional bleeding (caused by dysfunction of ovaries), endometriosis, endometrial cancer, mammalgia, and diffuse breast's disease.


Clomid belongs to the anti estrogenic medications. It unites the receptors of estrogens in the hypothalamus and ovary. The medicant assists the stimulation of ovulation by the female individuals with infertility in consideration of repeated hypofunction of ovaries chiefly stipulated by the hypothalamic-pituitary damages.


Danazol refers to medications that inhibit the release of the pituitary gonadotropins as LH and follicle and is used in therapy of endometriosis with associated infertility, gynecomastia (breast enlargement in men), premenstrual syndrome, benign tumors of breast.


Danocrine belongs to the androgens which are similar to the male sex hormone testosterone. This medication is mainly indicated under hereditary angioedema, fibrocystic breast illness, endometriosis, menorrhagia, gynecomastia and different others.


Diflucan refers to the antifungal medical remedies presented itself the powerful selective inhibitor of sterols’ synthesis in fungus’s cells. The prejudicial evidence for applying: candidiasis (including the generalized forms), cryptococcosis (including the meningitis and others), skin mycosis, onychomycosis and other mycosises.


Estrace covers to estrogens and is applied for estrogen deficiency in menopause, including after ovariectomy, radiation castration, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, alopecia, vaginitis (in girls and also in old age), secondary estrogen deficiency, infertility, uterine inertia, post-term pregnancy, to suppress lactation, carcinoma of prostate, breast cancer with metastatic disease, urogenital disorders.

Estradiol Valerate

Estradiol Valerate is a specific hormone of ovaries (estrogen). It is the preparation of substitutive hormonal therapy of estrogen insufficiency (diseases or pathological conditions which are based on the deficiency of the endogenous female sexual hormones’ making).

Female Viagra

Female Viagra covers to the non hormonal preparation for the women’s applying. The medication promotes to the female sexuality’s growth, apprehensibility intensification to the stimulation and so on. The drug for women doesnt follow to allocate for the children.


Gestanin belongs to gestagenic agents, stimulates the secretory phase in myometrium and creates the conditions for fertilized egg's development, helps maintain pregnancy, has tocolytic effect. Miscarriage (habitual and threatening), premature delivery (the threat) are the main statements for use.


Levlen covers to estrogen-progestin combined contraceptive preparations. Main indications for treatment are contraception and for single-phase products - hormone- functional menstrual disorders (including dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia without organic cause, pre-menstrual syndrome). With regular use it normalizes the menstrual period and helps prevent the developing of many gynecological diseases, including malignant nature.


Lynoral has in its structure the synthetic analog of female genital hormone well-known as ethinylestradiol. These medicines are chiefly taken for the menopausal symptoms’ management (therapeutic course of hormones replacement) including breast cancer, postmenopausal osteoporosis, female hypogonadism, dysfunctional uterine bleeding and dysmenorrheal.


Nolvadex is the anti-tumor anti-estrogen agent that competitively inhibits the estrogen receptors in target organs and tumors derived from these bodies. Indications are breast cancer (especially postmenopausal), melanoma and also sarcoma of soft tissue containing estrogen receptors, endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer.


Norplant-72 refers to contraceptives group, causes changes in endometrium which lead to the disruption of egg's implantation and also increases the viscosity of cervical mucus (phlegm cervical canal). Applications for use are long-term hormone contraception (birth control) and oral contraceptives (hormones), if necessary, the immediate post-abortion contraception.


Ponstel (Mefenamic acid) covers to NSAIDs – fenamates to treat acute rheumatic fever, nonspecific (rheumatoid) arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, arthralgia, myalgia, neuralgia, headache, toothache, fever, an infectious- allergic myocarditis, dysmenorrhea, PMS, periodontal disease.


Provera belongs to progestogens, reduces the vasomotor symptoms in menopause, and raises the number of intermediate cells in vaginal maturation index of the epithelium; it does not affect under the lactation. It is intended for contraception, especially in women of late reproductive age, secondary amenorrhea, anovulatory metrorrhagia.

Women’s health what you need to know:


The last one’s treatment is a whole science and it is possible under the high-quality specialist’s participation only.


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Earlier there were only three illnesses (syphilis, gonorrhea and ulcus molle) which are passed sexually. Since recently are joined some kinds of hepatitis and HIV. But under the improvement of diagnostic methods there were opened great number of unknown female infections such as clamidiosis, mycoplasmosis, herpes and some others. They are also very dangerous because the diseases undermine the woman’s immune system, lead to the female barrenness or render the striking influence on the fetus during the gestation or childbirth. Every female person must follow to her health and well-timed buy each of women’s health pills in online drugstore with no prescription.


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Hormonal agents are the medical remedies which contain the hormones or hominoids showing the pharmacological effects as firs one. For the women’s health they are applied in view of such preparations as:

  • hormones extracts;
  • synthetic hormones (they fully correspond to the structure of natural and act similarly them);
  • synthetic joints (they aren’t identical to the natural hormones by the chemical structure, but show expressed hormonal action);
  • phytohormones.

Some of female sicknesses are treated by one from these medicaments.


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