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Aquetic is a herbal antidiabetic preparation. This drug consists of eight herbs such as Gudmar, Kalijira, Amlaki, Mamejva, Jambubeej, Giloy, Karela and Kutki. The main function of this medication is insular diabetes controlling. This medication mainly possesses by antidiabetic and anti-inflammatory properties. The medical remedy also strengthens the excretory bladder and the urinary tract at all, keeps the person’s health and mostly improves the immune system. Aquetic 4 bottles are the most widely-distributed purchased form of this medicamental preparation. The main indication for this drug is diabetes mellitus of the second type such in view of monotherapy (only after visiting your physician and taking a consultation with him) as in complex treating together with other antidiabetic medicants. This officinal product can be also applied as additional remedy in treatment of some liver and kidneys’ sicknesses, some problems with stomach and gastrointestinal system, urination and urine system and different others. This preparation may take one or two capsules a day together with diet and physical exercises. Physicians don’t recommend on the empty stomach and children till fourteen years old. Some pregnant women and the female persons with breast-feeding can employ this medicant only after consultations with their physicians. Nowadays many people more and more often buy Aquetic online with helping of our informational medicamental portal. Also you can order other antidiabetic medical agents if you have a sickness of diabetes mellitus.

Generic name: Aquetic
Brand name: Aquetic