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Bael is an ayurvedic herbal preparation mainly used for treating of some sicknesses and disorders tied together with digestive tract. The main properties are an astringent remedy (rendering an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action on the digestive system), natural laxative drug (mainly helping under the obstipation or stool retention and liberating the bowels from helminthes), antimicrobial agent (rendering antiviral and anti microbial effect defended form the disease-producing organisms mainly called different intestinal infections), spasmolytic and carminative behavior (bringing down the abdominal colics, removing the abdominal distension and pains appeared as a result of intestinal gas collection or meteorism in gastrointestinal tract) and anti-inflammatory medicant (rendering spasmolytic and vascular widening action banefully influenced on some fungi and protozoa, helping in controlling of inflammatory intestinal distributions). This medication also promotes the waste products, vegetable and animal poisons’ extermination from the person’s organism. The drug possesses by antibacterial, anti helminth and antiviral activity, lowers the organism’s allergic readiness and improves the cardiovascular system’s functioning. Bael 2 bottles are mostly taken under diarrhea, helminthic invasions, some distributions of digestion, bowels spasms, colitis (an inflammatory process in fat bowels under the different sicknesses in structure of complex therapy under some viral illnesses) and several others. The patients with some problems of digestive system often buy Bael online in any time they have.

Generic name: Bael
Brand name: Bael