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Brahmi relates to the himalaya herbal (or natural) medical agents. The main active component is Brahmi extract that is the plant grown in India. This matter possesses by tonic and rejuvenated effect. Other substances, which are contained to the structure of this preparation, improve the metabolic functions, strengthen the central nervous system, render the general health-improving and rejuvenized action on the whole organism and possess by anti-fever behavior. Brahmi 60 capsules are very effective remedy in treating of asthma, alarm, nervousness, anxiety, irritation, uneasiness, agitation, mental distributions, insomnia (if it ties together with excessive intellectual activity) and so on. Also these capsules clean the person’s blood and cure of different skin sicknesses tied together with blood contamination. The remedy also normalizes the brain’s activity taken off the superfluous mental loading when the person thinks and worries a lot without any necessity. Pupils and students often apply these capsules during the exceeding intellectual loads at schools and universities. The patient after 50 years old are recommended one time a year to pass the preventive applying of this medicament for improving of hearing, memory restoration and general maintenance of individual’s organism. The preparation is also successfully used for removing of headaches, normalizing of cerebral blood circulation, treating of nervous disorders, convulsion of nervous origin, some problems with intellectual activity and several others. You can buy Brahmi online through internet in the best drugstores all over the country.

Generic name: Brahmi
Brand name: Brahmi