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Colchicine is modern efficient antigout agent that has a pronounced effect. Product is produced in tablet form, and the action components are aimed at the effective relief (reduction) gout (a type of arthritis), to reduce uric acid to normal. On the first day of preparation’s receiving pain and inflammation of the joints are significantly reduced. Admission of medicine is recommended only after consulting your doctor. Remedy is able to reduce the migration of leukocytes into inflammatory and inhibit phagocytosis of urate microcrystals, partially or completely inhibits cell division at metaphase and anaphase, has anti miotic action, stops the degranulation of neutrophils. Medicament prevents the development of amyloidosis, reduces the formation of amyloid fibrils and is highly effective for the prevention of acute attacks of gout. In the opinions medication helps more than 75% of patients in the first 12 hours of application. Colchicine 0.5 90 pills can be generally ordered on-line. Medicine according to instructions is prescribed for gout prophylaxis or prevention of acute attacks, scleroderma, chondrocalcinosis, gouty arthritis, inflammatory diseases in otolaryngology and dentistry, some forms of phlebitis, and amyloidosis. To avoid complications product should be used only after consulting your doctor. It is appointed carefully for violation of the kidneys and / or liver during pregnancy (only on strict conditions). Long-term use requires systematic monitoring of peripheral blood picture. People usually have an opportunity to buy Colchicine online.

Generic name: Colchicine
Brand name: Mitigare, Colcrys