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Epogen is injection hormonal preparation that acts on the bone marrow, stimulating red blood cells’ production. This is a relatively new drug, elite athletes especially runners and elite cyclists experiment with it. The preparation is designed for people who for whatever reasons are suffered anemia. In its area medication is very effective and is sometimes used in blood transfusions. Athletes apply the medicament to dramatically increase the quantity of blood red cells that carry the oxygen through the bloodstream together. Growth of blood ability to carry oxygen increases the performance level of the athlete. Epogen 10000iu/1ml can be ordered through Internet pharmacy. Preparation is appointed by humans under severe anemia that occurs with chronic renal failure, anemia in patients with lesions of the bone marrow and some chronic diseases (including aplastic anemia, anemia in myelodysplastic diseases, chronic inflammatory diseases, AIDS, cancer), prevention of anemia in preterm infants born weighing 750-1500 g until the 34th week of pregnancy. The dose and duration of treatment scheme are set individually, depending on the severity of anemia, the severity of the patient’s condition, the nature of the disease. Improper use of the medicine by healthy people (for example, as doping) can cause a dramatic increase in hematocrit, accompanied by life-threatening complications of the CVS. Because of the possibility of anaphylactoid reactions first dosage should be administered under medical supervision. It is no problem to buy Epogen online.

Generic name: Epoetin alfa
Brand name: Procrit, Eprex