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Furazolidone covers to the class of antibiotic medicaments or antibacterial preparations which are derivative agents of nitrofuran with the same main active substance. This anti microbial and antiprotozoal drug possesses by bacteriostatic action to the relation of different microbes. The mechanism of its action consists in some damages of activity the bacteria’s different ferment systems. The spectrum of its action is gram-positive cocci, gram-negative bacilluses, protozoa (such as Lamibia) and so on. From the causative agents of intestinal infections the most apprehensible ones are stimulants of dysentery, typhoid fever and paratyphoid fevers. The steadfast of this medication is developed slowly. Furazolidone 100mg 90 pills are chiefly allocated by different physicians for the treatment of dysentery, paratyphoid fevers, bacterial food poisoning or food toxicoinfection, lambliosis, girardiasis and so on. Different contra indications include lactation and gestation periods, terminal stage of chronic nephric insufficiency (shortage of kidneys), deficit of glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase, child’s age till one year old, heightened individual apprehensibility to the medicamental group of nitrofurans and several others. During the applying of this medication it is possible the development of nausea, vomiting, appetite lowering, allergic reactions and some others. To buy Furazolidone online is very easy and possible nowadays with help of different internet-services. You don’t need any prescriptions to the medicaments from your physician.

Generic name: Furazolidone
Brand name: Nifuran, Dependal-M, Furoxona, Furoxone