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Gentamicin relates to the class of medicamental agents called aminoglycoside antibiotics. The main active substance is gentamycin sulfate. The medication possesses by wide spectrum of this drug’s antimicrobial action oppressed the growth of the majority of gram-negative and also gram-positive microorganisms. The medicament is highly active in relation to the blue pus bacillus. Gentamicin 80mg/2ml 10 bottles are generally employed for treating of urinary tract’s infections: pyelonephritis (inflammation of the tissue of kidney and renal pelvis), cystitis (inflammations of the excretory bladder), urethritis (urethra’s inflammations); respiratory ways: pneumonia (lungs inflammation), pleurisy, empyema, abscess of lung,; surgical infections: surgical sepsis (blood infection by microbes from the nidus of suppurative inflammation), peritonitis (inflammations of peritoneum); skin infections: furunculosis (multiple suppurative inflammation of skin), dermatitis (inflammatory illness of skin), trophic ulcers, burn and many others. The contra indications are neuritis, uremia and other kidneys’ sicknesses, newborns, pregnant women and some others. Right now every patient can buy Gentamicin online through our informational portal without any prescriptions and other documents which can be need in usual drugstores. We suggest you to choose one of the payment presented methods.

Generic name: Gentamicin
Brand name: Apigent, Alcomicin, Epigent, Diogent, Diakarmon, Gentasol, Gentak, Garamycin, Genticyn, Gentamytrex, Genoptic, Garamicina, Genticin, Gentamen, Gensumycin, Gentarad, Optimycin, Cidomycin, Biogaracin