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Gestanin is progestogens means that stimulates the secretory phase in the myometrium, creates conditions for the fertilized egg development, and contributes to maintaining pregnancy. Preparation has tocolytic effect, reduces the sensitivity of the myometrium to oxytocin. The main active matter is Allyloestrenol. This remedy usually stimulates the development of acinus of the mammary glands, the secretory activity of trophoblast. Medicine increases the excretion of metabolites of placental steroids and secretion of endogenous progestogen, increases the reserves of fat and glucose utilization, promotes liver glycogen accumulation, normalizes the function of the placenta. Medicament is appointed under habitual and threatened abortion, threatening preterm labor. Patients have an opportunity to order Gestanin 5mg 90 pills on the Internet. Dosing regimen is indicated individually, therefore you should better to have a doctor’s consultation before product’s application. Women do not take medication if hypersensitivity, liver function abnormalities, Dubin – Johnson syndrome, thrombophlebitis, thromboembolic complications, stroke, tumors of the mammary gland and genital, herpes, or toxemia, including in history, lactation, during pregnancy, according to indications. The most widespread adverse reactions include dyspepsia, headache, fluid retention in the body, galactorrhoea, thrombophlebitis, breast tenderness, acne, drowsiness, thromboembolism, weight gain, hyperthermia, cholestatic jaundice, insomnia, depression. If patient need this medicamental remedy, today it becomes possible to buy Gestanin online in different internet-pharmacies all over the country.

Generic name: Allyloestrenol
Brand name: Gestanin