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Haridra one capsule contains about 250 mg powder of Curcuma longa. You know this matter is not only a spice but it is the most powerful antibiotic, anti allergic remedy and very beneficial medication. This preparation renders the anti catarrhal, mucolytic, antiasthmatic, antiallergic, spasmolytic and anti-inflammatory action. The main active substance heightens the organism resistibility at the expense of immunopotentiating effect. Curcuma is a very valuable medicament played the special role in the ayurvedic system of health improvement. Haridra 6 bottles are the widespread realizing form of these medicines. The medication has a broad spectrum of its action such as it is applied under indigestion, cough, abnormalities of the blood circulation, amenorrhea, pharyngitis, diabetes, arthritis, skin sicknesses (including skin allergic diseases), contusions, wounds, anaemia and so on. You can buy Haridra online or other preparation against allergy and its reactions if you have one of these or similar problems with health.


Generic name: Haridra