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Himcospaz is a spasmolytic medical remedy. The drug possesses by straight relaxing effect on the smooth muscles and mostly prevents some shortening which are called by different spasmogens (the substances which call the convulsions). This medicament improves the digestion and helps in controlling of diarrhea diminished some spasms under the nonspecific abdominal colics. This preparation also helps to inquire with monthly convulsions and several spasms by female individuals called by menstruation and different pains before the menstrual bleeding and nonspecific visceral pains in abdomen such by adults as by many children. Himcospaz 10 packs are the most purchased dosages nowadays. The indication for applying include different spasmodic pains in womb, dysmenorrhea and various inflammatory processes in organs of small pelvis (aches and spasms), various pains under the menstruation, abdominal colic, intestinal colic (amebic colitis), fecal barrier (obstructive constipation), cholecystitis and gallstones, parasitic barrier (obstruction), nonspecific diarrhea, chronic infectious and secretory diarrhea, bacillary and amebic dysentery, helminthic invasion, syndrome of irritated intestine, mucous colitis, other acute pains tied together with different sicknesses of urinary ways, convulsions and spasms tied together with womb, chronic pancreatitis and many others. This medicament is mainly contra indicated under the individual intolerance to this officinal preparation. Our clients often buy Himcospaz online with helping of our informational internet-drugstore.

Generic name: Himcospaz
Brand name: Himcospaz