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Hydrea is a very effective medicamental remedy used for treating of oncological illnesses’ some forms. The main active ingredient is Hydroxyurea. The mechanism of anti tumourous action is tied together with joining capability to inhibit one of the key ferments taken part in biosynthesis of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). The main substance calls the delay of DNA synthesis without any distributions of RNA synthesis. The selective antimetabolic action is tied together with some damages of enzymatic conversion the ribonucleids to the deoxyribonucleids. Hydrea 500mg 90 pills are generally taken for the treatment of chronic myeloleukemia (carcinoma of blood when the granulocytic cells/cells of bone marrow are the source of tumourous process) and polycythemia vera (the growth of bone marrow accompanied by some increasing of containing in blood some number of erythrocytes, leucocytes, thrombocytes and also redness and itching of skin covers) and some others. This preparation also can be allocated as additional remedy containing to structure of combined or complex treatment of the neoplasms in heard and neck; under the skin melanoma (cancer developed from pigment formed cells); under the carcinoma of the fat and straight intestine; carcinoma of uterine cervix; carcinoma of kidney and prostate gland and some others. Besides oncological practice this medicament is effectively employed for the medical cure of psoriasis. Nowadays every patient may buy Hydrea online with helping of the best drugstores all over the country.

Generic name: Hydroxyurea
Brand name: Cytodrox, Hydrea, Hidrix, Hydroxycarbamidum, Litaliz, Hydroxycarbamidum medac, Biosupressin, Onco-carbamidi, Нуdurа