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Hydrocodone is a combined medicamental agent consisted of narcotic analgesic and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory remedy (NSAID). This medication possesses by pain-relieving, anti cough, analgesic and anti diarrheal action. The anti cough effect of this preparation is conditioned by diminishing of cough center’s excitability in medulla, thanks that the cough becomes thinner or it stops fully. The pain-relieving is conditioned by this drug’s influence to the opiate receptors in different parts of brain and peripheral tissues, that’s why the painful syndrome of apprehensibility becomes higher. Hydrocodone 10/325mg 90 pills are generally applied under the painful syndrome of various etiologies such as muscle spasms, some injuries of bones, muscles and articulations, ligamentous disruption, sport traumas and some others. Before beginning of this medicant application you need to visit a physician and say if you have alcohol or narcotic dependence, kidneys; illnesses, liver’s sicknesses, asthma, urination delay, increasing of prostata gland, hypothyroidism, convulsions or epilepsy, some diseases of cholecyst, injury of head, Addison’s sickness, bronzed skin, melasma, and several others. This medication isn’t taken by women with breast-feeding, children and teenagers younger than eighteen years and old patients more than 60 years old. Nowadays one of the main methods for drugs’ purchasing is possibility to buy Hydrocodone online in the best pharmacies all over the country. Also you can order other muscle relaxant online in any time you need.

Generic name: Ibuprofen
Brand name: Hydrocodone, Codeinum