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Invega belongs to the neuroleptic medicamental remedies with expressed antipsychotic and antiemetic action. The main active ingredient is Рaliperidone. This substance renders a decelerating action on the central nervous system and in usual dosages this drug doesn’t call a soporific effect. The main action of this medication is tied together with blockade of the central dopamine and adrenergic receptors in mesocortical and limbic structures of the brain. The main blockade of D2-receptors of hypothalamus brings to the body temperature lowering. The oppressing of dopamine receptors is lied in the base of antiemetic effect. This preparation also strengthens the actions of sleeping draughts, narcotic analgesics, some remedies for general anesthesia, several analgesics and other medicamental agents suppressed the main function of the central nervous system. Invega 6mg 90 pills are generally taken for the treatment of schizophrenia, maniacal (inadequately heightened mood, accelerated temp of thinking, psychomotor stimulations), hallucinatory (delirium, apparitions acquired the character of reality) and delusional conditions, acute and chronic psychosis called by different reasons, some affective distributions, psychosomatic disorders, some derangements of behavior, changes of personality (paranoid, schizoid and some others) including those ones in child’s age, autism, preanesthetic medication before surgical operations and many others. This drug is also used in complex therapy under the painful syndrome, stenocardia, under the indomitable and nausea. So if you have one of these negative conditions you can buy Invega online and take it according to the doctor’s recommendations.

Generic name: Рaliperidone
Brand name: Invega, Invega Sustenna