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Lactulose Solution relates to the anti defecatory disability medicamental agents. Under some influence of this preparation it is happened some change of fatty bowel’s flora (increasing of lacto bacilluses’ quantity – bacteria decomposed the carbohydrates with formation of milk acid), that brings to the heightening of acidity in fat bowel’s lumen and often stimulates its peristalsis (undulating movements). Together with this factor it is increased the dimension of dejection. As a result this medicament renders a laxative effect, doesn’t influence on the mucous membrane and smooth musculature of bowels. Lactulose Solution 100ml 4 bottles are usually purchased by patients with help of our informational internet-service. This medicament is indicated under the chronic costivenesses, hepatic encephalopathy (heavy sickness of liver accompanied by some nervous-psychical distributions), salmonellosis (acute infectious illness of gastrointestinal tract) with the exception of generalized forms (salmonellosis accompanied by hit of infection’s causative agents to blood), several derangements of digestion tied together with some putrefactive processes as a result of food poisoning (including those ones by infants and some children in age till ten years) and several others. This medicant can be also applied by pregnant female persons and some breast feeding women, children elder then six weeks, aged patients and also individuals transferred the resection of haemorrhoidal junctions (moving off the protruding and inflamed veins of rectum) and others. You may always buy Lactulose Solution online in any time you need.

Generic name: Lactulose
Brand name: Livolac, Portalac, Duphalac, Fortrans, Normase, Microlax, Lactulose Solution