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Lithium salts relates to the medical class well-known as anti depressed remedies or antidepressants. This drug also belongs to the pharmacological group of normotimics. This medicament (normotimic agents) normalizes the psychical conditions of the patients and it doesn’t call any general deferred response. This medical preparation renders also an anti depressing, sedative and anti maniacal actions. The positive effect is made conditional on Lithium ions, which are the antagonists of sodium ions forced out them from the cells and thereby they bring down the bioelectric activity of brain’s neurons. This medicant helps in quickening of biogenic amines’ disintegration (it is lowered the concentration of serotonin and norepinephrine in brain’s tissues). The remedy heightens the apprehensibility of hippocampus neurons and other areas of brain to the dopamine’s action. Lithium 400mg 90 pills are necessary to the treatment of recurrent bipolar depressed conditions, mania, hypomania, some kinds of depressions, different recurrent affective distressed conditions, maniacal conditions of various genesis, phase processing psychosis and many others. The favourable action of these substances under the migraines can be tied together with some changes of serotonin and histamine concentration on the thrombocytes. Anti depressing action can be tied together with strengthening of serotonergic activity. So after you visit and consult with your psychiatrist you can buy Lithium online with help of our informational portal.

Generic name: Lithium
Brand name: Lithane, Lithonate, Eskalith, Eskalith-Cr, Lithobid