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Maxaquin relates to the class of medicamental agents well-known as fluoroquinolone anti-inflammatory remedies or antibiotics. The medication renders the bactericidal action. The main active matter is Lomefloxacin. This substance inhibits the activity of several ferments and takes part in transcription and replication of DNA bacteria. This preparation is highly active in relations of aerobic gram-negative and some gram-positive microorganisms. The main matter also possesses of antituberculous activity operated such on outside as on inside cellularly disposing Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Maxaquin 400mg 60 pills can be applied under infectious-inflammatory illnesses called by apprehensible microorganisms to Lomefloxacin including urinary tract’s infections (cystitis, pyelonephritis), prostatitis; several infections of the respiratory ways’ lower levels; acute and chronic purulent infections of soft tissues, infected wounds, osteomyelitis, cholera (heavy forms); tuberculosis (in structure of combined therapy); sharp and chronic gonorrhea, acute and relapsing clamidiosis and so on. This drug is also taken for prevention of infectious complications of urinary tract till and after transurethral surgical operations. This medicant can be allocated for local application on ophthalmology such as bacterial infections of eye’s front level (including conjunctivitis, blepharitis, blepharoconjunctivitis) and many others. Every patient can buy Maxaquin online with help of our informational portal.

Generic name: Lomefloxacin
Brand name: Maxaquin, Bareon, Uniquin, Okacyn