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Medrol belongs to the big class of manufactured glucocorticosteroids. They penetrate through cells membrane formed the complexes with cytoplasm’s receptor apparatus. Well-educated complexes penetrate into cell nucleus where they tie together with DNA chromatin. As a result it happens the transcription of matrix RNA and subsequent synthesis of ferments that is explained the system action of this medicament. Medrol 16mg 120 pills is dosage for all therapeutic courses. The main active substance renders its action by the immune answer and degree of inflammatory process’s evidence and also by all views of metabolism in organism, cardiovascular system, central nervous system and skeletal musculature. The main indications to application are made conditional by preparation’s anti-inflammatory, antiallergic and immunosuppressive action. Thanks to these behaviors it is reached the lowering of immunocompetent cells in inflammatory center, it happens the stabilization of lysosomes’ membranes. Under the inflammatory allergic process you have to buy Medrol online through internet in our chemist’s shop.


Generic name: Medrol
Brand name: Methylprednisolonum