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Mefloquine relates to the class of antibiotics well-known as antimalarial remedies. This drug is derivation of 4-metanolchinolin. Thus medicament is very effective under the all forms of malaria including strains Plasmodium falciparum which are steadfast to the chloroquine and other medicamental preparations. But some strains possess by natural steadiness to the main active substance. The medication Mefloquine 250mg 16 pills is generally taken such as preventive measure as the medical cure of malaria (all forms of this sickness). The contra indications include (for prevention of malaria) psychical or mental illnesses (including depressions), some diseases accompanied by convulsions, heavy illnesses of liver and different others. The main indications for the treatment and prevention are heightened apprehensibility to the main active substance. It is followed to avoid the application of this drug under the pregnancy and the period of lactation. It is necessary to use this medicant with prudence by the patients who have several distributions of kidneys’ functions, some damages of heart conductivity, porphyria and various heavy sicknesses of liver. As far as this preparation has prolonged period of partial ejection (on an average twenty-one days) the side effects can be kept during the next several weeks after the application of the last dosage. Under the simultaneous applying of this medication with chloroquine and quinine it is heightened the risk of convulsions development. People often buy Mefloquine online through internet with help of different US pharmacies.

Generic name: Mefloquine
Brand name: Lariam