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Meronem relates to the medicamental class of injectable antibiotics having broad spectrum of these preparations’ actions. The active substance of this medication is Meropenem which belongs to the group of karbopenems. Its antibacterial action is caused by bactericidal effect. The mechanism of this medicament’s action ties together with some damages the synthesis of bacteria’s cells membranes. Meronem 1g 3 packs are mostly employed such as individual remedy in main therapy as in complex with other antibiotics for strengthening of each action. The indications for applying include pneumonia, inflammatory sicknesses of urinary tract, inflammatory illnesses of abdominal cavity’s organs, inflammatory diseases of soft tissues and skin, meningitis, sepsis and some other illnesses called by sensitive causative agents to the main active matter. The drug is also indicated under the febrile temperature by patients with lower immune state, joint infection and superinfection and other. In these cases the preparation can be applied as in view of monotherapy as together with antifungal and antiviral medicaments. This medical agent is contra indicated under intolerance of this medicant or some other from preparation’s components, in child’s practice and so on. The pregnant female persons also haven’t to take this remedy and its allocating in this period can be possible only by physician’s strict indications, together with account of possible unpleasant influence on the fetus. Buy Meronem online if you have one of presented sicknesses or some other inflammatory negative conditions and processes in your organism.

Generic name: Meropenem
Brand name: Merrem, Meronem