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Metrogyl DG gel covers to the medical class of special dental gels which are mainly applied for the treatment of different bacterial infections which can appear in the face, mouth and some others. The main active substance is Metronidazole which is synthetical derivative of imidazole. This preparation renders a bactericidal and bacteriostatic action. This remedy is also very effective relatively the broad spectrum of anaerobic microorganisms, some elemental organisms and gram-positive bacteria. Metrogyl 20g 4 tubes are generally applied for local therapy by some patients with such sicknesses as acne (including this one by teenagers in period of sexual maturation or pubescence), pink blackheads (including those ones appeared on the background of hormonal preparations’ applying), the threat of contamination under the anal fissure and inflammation of haemorrhoidal veins, decubitus ulcers, wounds (which heal badly), ulcerous lesions of lower extremities with trophic character (including those ones complicated by diabetes mellitus and/or varix dilatation), seborrhea and many others. This medicament is contra indicated under hyperresponsiveness to the components of this preparation and derivations of nitromidazole. There aren’t any contra indications for application of this medicament in period of gestation. But it is followed to remember that applying of this drug in period of lactation and gestation is permitted only under indications of your physician. Nowadays to buy Metrogyl online is very popular way of buying antibiotics online pharmacy.

Generic name: Metronidazole
Brand name: Chlorhexidine, Metrogyl